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How To Care For The Iphone Battery So That It Is Not Damaged Or Quick Drop

You just buy an iphone? We recommend that you read the manual first book him well before using your iphone in order to remain durable. A frequently encountered problem iphone users is its battery which according to them is quickly depleted aka wasteful. There are actually many things that cause the iphone battery becomes wasteful use of applications like non stop, internet connection that is always on, and play games. In addition, the wrong battery care can also shorten battery life. Well, for you who want to keep iphonennya durable battery, here's how to take care of the iphone battery so as not to fast or drop you can do.

The following tips for you to keep the iPhone battery so durable.

1. Use the charger and data cable original

As we know that the use of the charger and data cable not original can be bad on your iphone battery. So make sure the charger and data cable that you use original iphone battery so durable and long lasting.

2. Use airplane mode

We recommend that you use the airplane mode while charging the battery on your iphone. In addition to speeding up the process of charging this mode can make your battery becomes more durable because the electric current that goes into battery more stable when this mode is activated.

3. Do not use your iphone while in-charge.

We recommend that you do not use your iphone while in-charge let alone used to play games, since the battery will work harder and cause the battery to become shorter.

4. Charge your iphone while percentage under 25%

When he wanted to make sure the iphone battery condition men-charge approached the exhausted, at least not under 25%. But not until the battery is completely empty because the battery will empty faster often experience a drop.

5. Immediately unplug the charger once the battery is full

Once the battery is fully charged immediately unplug chargernya. If not immediately repealed then the battery will experience such thing as over-charging. And keep in mind that excessive charging will damage the cell in the battery, and if it is damaged then the battery power saving capability be reduced until the battery becomes exhausted quickly.

6. Don't be too often in-charge.

How to care for the iphone battery so that it is not damaged or quick drop next is never too often in-charge. As we know most batteries have a lifetime charging cycle, the more frequently in-charge faulty batteries more quickly. So like the tips of four numbers and number five above, do not charge the battery when the battery power percentage above 25%, and don't unplug charger before the full 100% battery power.

7. Use a quality power bank

If you are using the power of the bank, make sure that the power of the bank that you use a good quality and are safe to use, because not all power bank is suitable on the iphone you have.

Well, how to take care of seven iphone battery quick so as not to corrupt or drop above where you were violating? If you want your iphone battery last, we recommend that you do not repeat again because if you drop then the battery only solution is to buy a new iphone battery which you should spend money on which there is not a little.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 2:10 am

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