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How To Obtain The Link2sd Plus Free

Pengen Link2sd Plus Free? This Trick-who is not familiar with android apps on this one? The majority of android users would already have it on their smartphone. The features offered by this application are indeed quite helpful, especially for users who have android class low end like me.

Kemampuanya apk files to move, cache, data, even large obb files from internal memory to external memory, it would be very useful to help relieve internal memory. In effect, we will still be able to install many applications although the smartphone we just mostly low end class has internal memory which is minimal. However, that can be enjoyed by users of android is just another version of a few of its features is available has been reduced. As for being able to enjoy all the features of Link2sd are full, we need Link2sd Plus license and have to buy it through play store.

Price and Payment Link2sd

Actually, the price offered is quite cheap if compared to its function which is quite important in helping the performance of the system. We simply buy it at a price less than $ 20,000. However, the real constraint lies not on price. But the method of payment that is arguably a bit difficult for most users, especially users from Indonesia. Why? Because play store applies the system of credit cards as a payment method to purchase paid applications or games on play store. And here's the real problem, because not everyone has a credit card, including me.

Then, if we can not mengakalinya? Can..!! Of course it could be ..!! Well, this time on the article, I'd be a little mischievous tricks '' share '' to be able to get the Link2sd Plus for free. But remember, I do not recommend you to try it with your heart, because I am for only for those who can and want to enjoy kepepet Link2sd Plus free on their HH. If you have a credit card, you better buy it directly at Play store as support for application developers to be more able to improve their features.

How to use the patcher link2sd

Tutorial Link2sd Patcher

OK, we start the tutorial. Just a note here, I just gave a tutorial, as for the ingredient or tool is required, you can find yourself on the internet with the keyword '' Link2sd '' Patcher. Here I assume you already have a tool that is needed, please open Link2sd Patcher application you have.

You will find three menus at the top, please select the menu number two that reads '' Patch ''. The point is to start the process of patch, so you will get the license Link2sd Plus. Typically, HH you will reboot automatically. It goes without panic, because the process is indeed like that. Important notes ..!! Make sure before you already install the free version of Link2sd application you download from the store, do not play from other sites. Because this will be very important in determining successful or whether patcher we do.

After you do your DD reboot, then you will find two Link2sd application installed in your HH. The other is a free Link2sd application that you install on the play from the store, and the second is Link2sd Plus results from the patch. Open the link2sd Plus and press activate, then you will find error messages and activate fails. Don't be troubled, segere out of Link2sd Plus, and reopen the application Link2sd Patcher. Open again the second menu where you do the patcher, and press ' check status ' patch ' to see if the process is not successful or patcher.

If successful, there will be a green message stating the patcher you lukukan running successfully. After that, go to the third menu that reads '' activate '' press '' activate '' to enable Link2sd license a plus. If successful, it will be there in green indicating the activation of the link2sd Plus you successfully. Try logging in again to the application Link2sd Plus, then writing that was the error will turn green signaling the Link2sd Plus has been active. Then press '' hide '' to hide the Plus Link2sd from the menu. Remember, do not get deleted from Link2sd Plus your HH.

After that, delete Link2sd Patcher application from HH you, and now you are trying to open a Link2sd you last install of Play Store, now his status had changed to become Link2sd and Plus all the features you can enjoy already owned in Full.

Well, pretty easy isn't it? But remember, do not use the '' naughty '' this trick vain, because I do not intend to invite you to join the naughty like me. Fair use for personal if you do actually need. And again, during application Link2sd Plus is not deleted from your HH, then the status of the existing Link2sd in HH you will still be Link2sd Plus with full feature even if you remove and re-install the application Link2sd because your device is read on the play store already has licensed Link2sd Plus. And make sure your internet connection is connected when you do the patcher. Hope it helps and good luck ..!!

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 2:34 pm

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