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How To Play The Clash Of Clans Offline

You definitely are looking for ways to play Clans clash of Offline. Play offline of course became a coveted gamers. This is because you don't have to buy quotas or spending quotas to play this popular strategy game.  Clash Of gaming Clans is one of those games that have two models, namely game offense and defense. Generally to do your development process takes a long time, in addition to that you also need to gather the resource or resources with an attack on the city.

Playing online allows your city is attacked by an army of opponents with ease. The old buildings you build needs to be fixed or even rebuilt. But this is art. Clans Clash Of playing Online allows you to attack your opponent, join a community, and connected with other online players. But not everyone thinks so, anyone expecting a game built without the invasion, to perform the development in stride. In addition there are unisex which want get the gem instantly so no need trying to collect it

With the background has now been present how to play offline clans clash of, actually this way is one way to get an unlimited resource, when running normally this way you still have to connect with the internet. But the advantage of this way you will get an unlimited resource so build your city feels so quickly. Before starting this way you have to do the root on your smartphone

The following steps-steps to get the gem.

  1. Download the first file Download in at the following link: DOWNLOAD 
  2. Wait for the download to finish and then download also the file game hacker: DOWNLOAD
  3. After the download process is complete, log file Explore ICE and the like
  4. Then copy we already download, and open the folder location where your COC game saved
  5. Look for a folder com. supercell. clashofclans on android you explore files
  6. Then paste the that you downloaded earlier, be sure to Overwrite the file if it already exists in folder com. supercell. clashofclans open also game hackers we have download
  7. The last open clash of gaming clans you and serkang you can already play the game offline in clans clash of android

The note. In the game you cannot open the COC and you find the data in the files did explore please do root first. If gems in your clans clash of reduced, you can use the Game hackers. If you are prompted to reload the continued compulsory use of the internet. And if you do not find the folder com. supercell. clashofclans try using root Explorer.

Pretty risky for those who are afraid of experimenting, but after successfully you can play without the worry of a lack of resource

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 5:11 am

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