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How To Rebuild Imei Android China Samsung S5 Replica BC-G900

Invalid imei solution Android Samsung s5 is back presents how to overcome the imei is missing on the china MTK chip with Android in particular on this type of mobile phone that we discuss, the loss of this imei number can cause the function of the sim card can not work like calling, receiving calls, as well as send and receive messages.

The loss of the imei number this can be because the process of flashing or hard reset done earlier as discussed on the page how to hard reset Samsung s5 replicas, then to overcome this we can do manually from your phone by entering engineering mode that is already provided by the android.

Steps to repair the imei Samsung s5 replica:

  1. Please note the IMEI number found on the back of the phone behind the battery.
  2. In the position of a mobile phone is turned on in the phone menu press the code * # * # 789789 # * # *
  3. Then it will go into the mode settings, with the menu;
    • Switch boot animation
    • Switch langure
    • Volume switch
    • Fake 4 g switch
    • IMEI
    • *#0*#
  4. We select the IMEI
    Phases of the rebuild imei samsung s5 android china mtk
    Select The IMEI
  5. Enter the imei number which is already noted earlier to the column and then press Write IMEI
    Rebuild the imei for china particularly android samsung s5
    Type the IMEI number and then press Write IMEI and Attached
  6. Appear the words The IMEI is written successfully and then OK
    Successfully write imei samsung s5 android china replica mtk
  7. Press the back tab Attached
  8. GPRS-Attached writing appears again succeeded and then OK
    Successfully attached the gprs samsung s5 android china replica
    Attached succeeded
  9. Restart your phone
  10. After the glowing press the code * # 06 #
  11. If it appears the imei number as we type the above i.e. imei behind mobile phone means success
  12. Please try a test nelpon outside, usually successful
  13. Completed

Thus the stage of repair IMEI android china MTK chip with especially in the case of the Samsung s5 replica BC-g900 may be useful, if there are any questions please just sign in to the forums through the FORUMS tab at the top of this blog.

Updated: April 8, 2016 — 5:30 pm

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