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How to reject a call and SMS Samsung Fame S6810

How to block calls and sms auto-Perhaps there is a Samsung user Fame enough with people who annoy you or nosy via phone or sms several times then you can reject all sms or a call from a number that is meant, at least in this way could reduce it even though se jail could still use the other number.

Or by reason of the privacy feature is also very useful, so you can only be reached through calls and sms for who you want to allow any time for which you do not want can put the block list. But think well who would have blocked who knows in the future, you have forgotten that the numbers are already blocked and you wait for phone calls or sms from that number could not enter again.

Tutorial to reject incoming sms and incoming calls on my Samsung

Remember if you already do not want to block these numbers then you can remove it from the block list.

How To Block Calls On Samsung Fame S6810:

  1. Select phone logo green color (menu create nelpon)
  2. At the top select the Log tab
  3. Select Menu at the bottom left of the touch screen
  4. Select call settings
  5. Select the call Rejection
  6. On the automatic starting Mode Slider to the right to enable this mode (green means active)
  7. Select reject list reject list Manage Automatic (automatic
  8. Select Make
  9. Type the number that will be rejected and save
  10. If the number is on the list of contacts please click Contact Logo
  11. Select A Contact
  12. Select the number of the contact you want blocked
  13. Select Save in the upper right.
  14. Then select the number.
  15. Completed

How To Block Incoming SMS Samsung Fame S6810:

  1. Select menu Message
  2. Click the Menu in the bottom left side of the Home button
  3. Select Settings
  4. Under the spam Settings checkbox once to activate
  5. Select the Register number as spam
  6. Select the logo (+) to add a number
  7. Type the number that you want to block, or can be taken from your contact list by clicking the logo column Contact number
  8. Click Save in the upper right
  9. Completed

For every mobile phone or smartphone average has a feature like this, stay with the same brand with customized version osnya. So if you have a different phone please adjusted in this way with your mobile phone you have.

So how to block incoming sms or calls from the phone number that you want, please use wisely. And if it does not want to block simply delete your number has been added.

Updated: April 14, 2016 — 7:23 pm

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