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How to troubleshoot Bootloop on Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG

You are definitely looking for ways of overcoming bootloop on asus Zenfone 5 you. Bootloop is a State where smartphones you cannot sign in to the operating system. This is usually due to the presence of a system failure or the presence of applications that do not fit the android system and ruin you. Bootloop marked by repeated restart – restart automatically and is not included in your operating system android. Usually only stop at the back of your smartphone logo terestart automatically.  Then how do I overcome bootloop on asus zenfone 5?

There are several ways that you can do to overcome the bootloop. Here is how to troubleshoot bootloop on asus zenfone 5 A500CG by using the technique of flashing. Prepare his equipment in advance

  • Download telebih and install Android Drivers Intel Application Setup on your laptop or computer. Donwload the application at the following link
  • Download also the Adb Drivers at the following link
  • Don't forget to download the Firmware Zenfone 5 A500GC also at the following link
  • Last download also the recovery image and adjust it with the firmware that you will use. For example, you want to install firmware version [UL-ASUS_T00F-WW-]WW, then file recovery image that you need to download is UR2.20.40.13_ww_recovery.img. This is mandatory because if you notice the different between the file and the firmware recovery process then you do will fail. You can download the recovery image file at the following link

After you set up all the above purposes, the following steps-steps how to resolve bootloop on asus zenfone 5 A500CG can you should.

  1. The first step you have to do is extract the Adb Driver files in one folder and name the Adb Driver
  2. The next step is to copy the Recovery Image file you have downloaded, and enter into the folder of Adb Drivers
  3. After you input the file Recovery image folder into the Adb Driver input also Firmware Zenfone 5 into Adb Drivers folder
  4. After you sign in and make sure everything is located in one folder Adb Drivers, open the Adb Folder, and then press Shift + right click on a blank area, a dialog box appears after the menu, select the Open Command Promt Here.
  5. Next turn on the Zenfone 5 and enter the Droid Boot (Fast Boot) by pressing Volume Up + Power simultaneously for approximately 4 seconds
  6. After entering Fast Boot, type at the Command Prompt: fastboot flash recovery<file Recovery Image.img (Tekan Enter). recovery="" image.img="" (tekan=""></file Recovery Image.img (Tekan Enter).> Flash recovery process begins
  7. When you are finished, select Recovery Mode by holding down the volume down to meet Recovery Mode menu and press the power button to select
  8. After Zenfone You terestart, at the command Prompt type adb sideload <file firmware="">(press Enter) for example: adb sideload</file>
  9. Wait for the process to Complete and the Asus Zenfone you automatically terestart itself. This process is usually long enough then bersambarlah until the process is complete.

To note

  • In Asus forum Zentalk there are discussed the above process only applies specifically to Asus Zenfone A500GC, but there is no information as to whether it can be applied to other Asus series
  • Whether or not this process flashing successfully depend on Smartphones, softwarem and firmware you have. However, in accordance with the above process managed forum

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That's how overcome Bootloop on Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG, may be useful

Updated: April 8, 2016 — 7:03 pm

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