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How To Resolve Cross V5 No Signal

RF ic pa jumper 7166-as many keywords that go to this blog looking for a solution to the loss of signal on this type of hp then made this article that would discuss it, as well as other Chinese hp if there is damage to the signal more often around the ic.

Well some standard way of doing repairs lost signal for cross v5:

  1. Note the antenna connectors between boards and pcb antenna that attaches on the reinforcement should really stick to do until there is a rift or rust. As the article on Cross cb83at no signal.
  2. Do replacement in ic pa, and to his pa code is rf 7166.
  3. Well if there is no stock of ic or kanibalan then the process should be done directly and jumpers can be seen in this picture.
To see a picture of how jumpers cross v5 you can visit the blog page the cell phone is broken.
How to jumper the signals cross v5

So how to jumper pa cross v5 may be useful, and thanks to share this article with the button share social media mobile phone is damaged.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 4:14 am

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