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How To Fix Android Devices That Can't Be Read On A Computer

How to fix android devices that are unreadable on this computer you can use when you want to move data from your android phone into a laptop, but your android device cannot be read on any computer. Usually, android devices when connected with a laptop or computer automatically will appear a notification that an android device you have connected with any laptop or computer. Then what if your android device unreadable? You must do a how to fix android devices that can't be read on a computer.

Move the file or data backup on a smartphone is one way that can be done to reduce the capacity of the memory on a smartphone. Data backup is so important. How does, the greater the amount of data used will reduce the amount of memory capacity and can affect access speed of your smartphone. If you're complaining because the new smarpthone you buy has already started to slow, then one of the memory capacity of your mobile phone may have reached the limits of the use of full or reasonable.  Hence the obligatory data Backup you do.

So what if your android device can not connect on a laptop? When this occurs, you can then do the following steps-steps.

  1. The first step, unplug the USB port of your laptop. Try the move on another port. If it still doesn't read means the possibility of error is not from the port of your laptop.
  2. Try to replace the USB cable with the USB cable to another, perhaps an error occurs because the usb cable which you do not have the ability to transmit data or there is damage to your USB cable.
  3. But if the two have no effect, then perhaps there is an error in the settings of your Smartphone. Follow the following steps-steps
  • Go to the menu on your smartphone, and then locate and click the settings/Settings
  • Once you enter the setting menu appears, it will be – the menu, find and click on a menu of storage/storage
  • Once you open it, it will pop up display of internal storage, unused storage details of your smartphone and on the top right corner there is a picture of the USB.  Click the image
  • After entering will appear two options, MTP and PTP. A check list on the MTP media device
  • After you select the check, return connect your android smartphone with laptop, when the notification appears tersambungnya your device, then you can already share your files and do a data backup

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Pretty easy isn't it, how to cope with an android device that is unreadable on this proven computer for those of you who have a problem with the connection between your android phone with laptop hardware. In addition to using the data cable, you can still use the application transfers data available on playstore. Like using the Wifi File Transfer application that can send files by using wifi. Hopefully the way we share useful.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 12:53 am

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