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How to resolve Display Picture BBM not appearing

Have you ever experienced problems Display Picture BBM friends-friends you suddenly don't show up? Here it is how to resolve display picture bbm it doesn't appear that you can do to solve the problem above. Diplay Picture in the application of FUEL being one of the things that are important. Especially for you a salesperson online.  You sure can imagine how when you forget your consumer name, while all the pictures of your contacts are the same.

In general the problem of Display Picture BBM it doesn't appear this is because several things, ranging from a factor of the internet that lemot, nor the number of contacts is too much so that it takes quite a while to load all the Display Picture on your contacts. Display Picture is very important because, besides we can see the activities of friends, sometimes originating from DP a conversation can begin.

Then how about if the Display Picture on BBM contacts you arrive – lost all or nothing shows up? Here we will explain how to resolve display picture BBM don't appear on your Smatphone Android. Join the following steps-steps

  1. Reboot Your Android. This step is the first step that you have to try at once became the easiest way that you can do.  Reboot or restart your android smartphone you turn off and turn on again. Then try this way are able to restore your BBM DP. If this method is not able to continue then the second way
  2. Stop applications and clear the Cache first. The second step is quite easy as well, namely by way of removing the application of FUEL and Clear Cache. Entered on the settings menu, and select applications. After you click, look for FUEL rods and your application is forced to stop and clear the cache. After you berhentikan by force, do not forget to restart your smartphone first. Before trying
  3. Do Upgrade or Downgrade your BBM app
  4. Then what if the second step that fails? Try the third way is to upgrade or downgrade your BBM application. If your old version of BBM, then do the upgrade on your bbm. Meanwhile, in the latest version of android you have, maybe you need to try to install an older version of BBM
  5. Try using a good Internet connection. You've been doing 3 way diiatas, but there is still a problem with the Display of your BBM Piture? Maybe there is a problem on your internet connection, try using a better internet connection.
  6. Reinstall the FUEL Your Android Apliaksi. Already reboot, clear cache, upgrading downgrade to a better connection turns out to not be able to restore your contacts pictures DP BBM? Try reinstall your android application to FUEL. Uninstall BBM application, and then install again. Maybe it works but if it still fails. Then the last way is pamungkasnya
  7. Gantu's Ship The SIM Card. Try to ask your friend the equally FUEL use application does Display picturenya show up? If yes try replace the SIM Card. Usually this last way always work

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Very easy is not how to resolve Display Picture BBM not showing up on android smartphone? may be useful.

Updated: April 8, 2016 — 7:05 pm

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