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How To Fix Android Smartphone Are Exposed To Water

You are in a panic because your smartphone is exposed to water spills? You should immediately use how to fix android smartphone which is exposed to the water so that your smartphone is not experiencing severe damage due to water. Any electronic equipment is not designed to be waterproof especially water. Water becomes a separate electronic equipment for abstinence because water can damage the electronic circuit which makes the item kongslet and damaged. Similarly, with the smartphone.

Some smartphones are indeed equipped with the technology of waterproof and dust like Z Sony Xperia and Samsung Galaxy S5. IP67 Certified capabilities – dust and water resistant on Samsung Galaxy S5 enables smartphonne to be used for diving and swim without the worry of ruined. You can use the camera with good features despite being under water. But unfortunately this feature doesn't exist on all types of smartphones.

Water is a major problem for the smartphone does not have the capability as Samsung Galaxy S5 or Xperia z. water can result in some konslet components and cannot be used. Water spills can cause the speaker does not work, the volume button is not working, even more deadly smartphone you die. You certainly freak out when your favorite smartphone might fall into water or ketumpahan drinks. But the calm you need not panic, there is a way of overcoming the android smartphone that is exposed to the water that you can do. Lankah the following in his footsteps.

  1. Shortly after your smartphone tertumpahan drinks soon off and disconnect the battery from your smartphone. This is done to turn off power through electric circuits, so minimize konslet
  2. You are also advised to take off other accessories such as memory card and sim card
  3. If you can afford or allow, unloading and HP as well as the casing also loose-leaf bolts and pcb smartphone. But when you can't quite reach the second step
  4. Inflatable with sekencang – kencangnya on the pcb Smartpone you. This is done so that the water that clings to the foot – feet IC and other electrical circuits out soon and not settles on the circuit.
  5. Next drain PCBS smartpohne/your Smartphone in a hot area, when it is not possible to use a hairdryer to dry out your smartphone. It is recommended to avoid too close when using a hairdryer. This is due to the heat of the hairdryer can melt the Tin on circuit PCB
  6. When you unpack to the PCB suggested drying in direct sunlight. Unless you don't unpack your smartphone.
  7. CAs battery until full, even if you believe your phone is already dry, but it will be good if it is not used directly but instead left in advance in order to be ensured absolutely dry.
  8. Once the battery is full, then again install PCB, chassis, memory card, sim card and the battery and try to turn on.

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How to fix android smartphone are exposed above the water should you be when your smartphone with such unintentional tertumpahan air or exposed to rain, when how to fix android smartphone that is exposed above water does not work, it is highly recommended to take to the experts service your mobile phone so that it can be corrected. May be useful.

Updated: April 17, 2016 — 1:16 pm

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