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How to fix a cell phone that was totally off because short/konslet – often we get cases of phone/mobile already in conditions totally off alias died or is still alive but with circumstances;

  • HP heat when mounted battery
  • The battery becomes bloated
  • The battery runs out fast even though it's been replaced with a new battery.

To resolve the case of a mobile phone with the condition of konslet or short, then there is one simple way but directly able to precisely locate the ic or component that is experiencing short.

Here's how;

  • Uninstall the whole body and bone cell phone, grab his pcb only
  • Plug connector pcb power supply output standard phone 3.7 volts, if hp is really experiencing a short pointer needle ampere (A) will go up.
  • If it turns out short, then the total power supply (PS) will sound indicating his short exceed 1A. Then we lower output voltage-ampere needle down so his approach 1A.
  • Wait a few moments, and raba components pcd hp check which part that feels hot.
  • If it's found the hot components, then the 90% that is the cause of short cases and should be replaced with new components. But if the short form of the capacitor then be thrown away.
  • Some ic which often have short specifically for China phones, namely; IC, ic MTK, capacitor near emif audio.

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Good luck

Updated: April 8, 2016 — 5:04 pm

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