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How To See IMEI Number In Android Phones

Do you already know how to see IMEI number in Android phones? We of course also already know not that Android phones or mobile phones generally have a IMEI number. Then do the hell function of our phones IMEI number? We know that there are many people who consider the importance of trivializing the IMEI number. What's more noted and also save it. in fact, if you know the function of the IMEI number is very important role. Most felt is when your mobile phone is lost due to the fall, stolen by the sesesorang, or forget where you put it, then the IMEI will be very functional. And when it actually happens to you, then you can directly go to your mobile operator outlets and show as well as tell the IMEI number and the number of the card you are using.

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So your phone is missing then it can be tracked or even a cell phone number used will be blocked and also your Android phone device can be locked for a while. But to be able to track the smartphone or Android smart phone in your possession is missing, you can use a technology owned by Google namely GPS technology. However please be aware smartphone call should already be connected to the internet and the smartphone GPS active. Then your smartphone can be tracked.

But for those of you who do not know IMEI number in Android. Here is how to see IMEI number in Android phones. Actually to know IMEI number in Android is very easy.

  • How to see IMEI number in a peratama Android phones is to go into the menu settings and then select about phone then write status.
  • The other way is to type the code * # 06 # on your smartphone and the IMEI number will appear.
  • Not only is it just to figure it out, there are other ways besides two ways above. The IMEI number can be found on Smartphones when you buy it, usually there on an Android body belongs to you. His position is behind the battery and the smartphone vendors typically will give a sticker containing the IMEI number on the box your smartphone when it bought it.

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If you don't have an Android smartphone, where you are using smartphone courtesy of Apple, that the iPhone or other smartphones or even regular phones. You can also find out the IMEI number by using his way – way above. All how to see IMEI number in the above Android phone not hanyadapat done on Android. But on each of the phones of any kind, whether it's an Android, iPhone or even the usual mobile phone – plain only. IMEI number terlaihat is indeed important, but it's not from this, we know that being the IMEI number of your phone plays an important role when this problem occurs.

Updated: April 18, 2016 — 5:27 pm

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