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How To Setting GPRS XL & APN

A. Settings via sms:


Setting GPRS via SMS:

Type: GPRS (space) Brand HP (space) Type HP send to 9667

Example: GPRS Sony Ericsson K800i SE or send to 9667

MMS settings via SMS:

Type: MMS (space) Brand HP (space) Type HP send to 9667

Example: Sony Ericsson MMS or SE K800i send to 9667

B. Manual Setting:

Daily Unlimited GPRS APN Setting

Via Modem

Insert the Card into the Prime XL Broadband Internet Modem

Insert the modem into your notebook or PC

Make sure the modem is mounted perfectly

Make sure the signal GPRS/UMTS/HSDPA/WCDMA sdh screen computer

Select Tools – Options – Profile Management

Fill in the following data:

Profile Name: XL Broadband

APN: Select static

Type: internet

Dial Number 99 #:*



Then click the OK button

Through Mobile

Select Menu > Services > Options

Select The Default Access Point > Settings.

Use the default settings.

Then enter the GPRS parameters are as follows:

Connection name: XLBroadband

Data bearer: GPRS

Access Point Name: internet

User name: [dikosongkan]

Prompt Password: No

Password: [dikosongkan]

Authentication: Normal

Connection security: off

Session Mode: permanent

Then press:

Option Settings, and Advanced > enter the following parameters:

Phone IP Address: Automatic

Primary Name Server:

Secondary Name Server:

Proxy Server Address:

Proxy Port Number: 8080

The APN Settings GPRS Volume Based

The basic settings needed to Access the Mobile Internet XL

Profile Name: XLGPRS


Without a username and password

Dial Number: * 99 # (for Modem)

Proxy (Optional): 202,152,240,050

(Optional) port: 8080

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