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How To Track A Lost Smartphone

Losing the smartphone's favorite is the thing that most worry by some people. Everyone will be looking for a way to track a lost smartphone when favourite smartphones lagging behind or falls in somewhere. Smartphones have become a necessity which is very important for every individual. Many advantages and benefits provided from a smart phone is one of them is make it easier to work with applications – applications that can be downloaded easily on a smartphone.

Basically the phone or Smartphone is a mobile phone that is designed with very sophisticated, armed with the application – easy application to be downloaded and applied, as well as a variety of ease from either communication, finding information, and facilitate a job. This makes the smartphone especially android very booming and nearly used by everyone from the well-heeled to medium circles down.

So what if your lost smarpthone? Sure you'll panic, considering the price of this smartphone is a relatively more expensive, as well as possible there are still some important files left on your smartphone. You will definitely find a way to track a lost smartphone from various sources around the Internet to find your favorite smartphone.

For those of you who panic, calm has a tip how to track a lost smartphone without the use of an application. You don't need to download, simply set the konfirgurasi on your favorite smartphone. This step is done before your lost android smartphone. So you need to embed the Tracker so that your smartphone dapate detected. Steps-steps as follows

  1. The first step, activate the Android Device Manager program on your smartphone. Search icon Google Settings, then at the very bottom and click Select Android Device Manager then select the Allow Remote Lock and Factory Reset
  2.  The second step, make sure you have an active gmail account, you are already logged in, as well as connect with your gmail account. Make sure you can log back in your google account, without a google account, this way can not be applied
  3. The third step, go to the website, and log in using your google account that is already installed on your android smartphone.
  4. The fourth step, if a dialog box appears that reads Allow Android Device Manager to use location data? Then click Accept. How the children when you don't show up? You can skip and go to the next step.
  5. Say the words, welcome to the Android Decice Manager.
  6. For those of you who want to track the position of your android very easily. You simply click the GPS Icon in the right corner of the pop-up. So what if you forgot to activate the android smartphone GPS? If you forget then you cannot activate and get location of your smartphone. But, you can reset the settings of your smartphone by pressing tombil delete. This way can make the factory settings will be automatically menyetelah and enable GPS location, so you can be found smartphonea.
  7. The sixth step after successfully then it will appear with information about your location and map the location where your android berarda.
  8. The last step, aside from using a GPS, you can also minimize the crimes that are not diiginkan. You can use the facilities menguncu Android with a password. As well as the mobile phones are in a State of silent you can ring/ring right, so you can know where is the location of your smartphone.

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There are countless ways to track the missing smartphone, whether from a third, or use the application without using the application. What we describe above is how do I track a lost smartphone without using the application. Immediately set your cell phone, and feel the comfort of any time and anywhere you are.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 12:56 am

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