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How To Track A Lost Android Easily Without Application

How to track a lost Android easily without Application – each one certainly does not want to lose something precious, such as Android smartphone's pet. However the name of disaster, can come without our guess. For those of you who never lost a beloved android smartphone, certainly knows how it feels. Anger, regret, sadness, all gatherings. And of course you want to be able to find your lost Android smartphone. Either due to stolen or because keteledoran you meninggalkanya in one place or because of a fall in the street.

Therefore, on this occasion I will share an easy tutorial on how to track down the missing Android easily without application. We will only use the existing default feature on Android. But it can be done, if you have enabled this feature on Android you before it is lost. Even not only the track, you can perform a variety of important things on Android you remotely. Like rang the alaram, deleting important data, or activate the "Lock" on Android is missing. If you're curious, please follow the steps below.

How do I check the missing android

How to track a lost Android easily without Application

In fact, we will only be memanfa'atkan existing google Settings feature on android. So that we can track the whereabouts of the missing Android with the help of GPS from the smartphone in a way to sign in to your Google account via our PC or other Android device. To enable this feature, please follow these steps.

1-first of all, please go into the settings menu/settings on your Android. Then select settings for Google.

2-after that, go to the menu "security". Then select on the "management of Android devices", then please check the "search for the location of these devices from a distance", and also check the option "allow locking and deleting from a distance". Then save your settings.

3-after that, please turn on the GPS features on your device. Make sure the network data on your smartphone is active so that the GPS can run well and the device are logged in your gmail account. Until this step, all the setting you did already complete.

Well, pretty easy isn't it? Then, how do I track a lost Android easily without application? After all the above settings you already did, it is now time that way try if functioning properly or not. You could try leaving your Android smartphone at the table, or anywhere to test.

After that, you please use other devices to monitor. Could use another PC or android smartphone, which is important can be connected to the internet. Then please log onto After that, please login using your gmail account with the same account that you use on your Android is missing or you want to search. After that, you will be treated to a display of the image map. There you will get the last location where Android you are obtained based on info from the GPS on your Android device.

At the bottom, you will find some menu options. The "Ring", "key", and also "delete". If you press the "Ring", then it will turn on the ringtone on your smartphone for 5 minutes. Your Smartphone will ring for 5 minutes to ease your search if your smartphone is like being on a secret; Uniquely, your smartphone will still ring even if before it is set to "silent" mode or "silent".

If you choose the menu "lock", then this feature will do permanent key on your smartphone from a distance. This feature will be very useful for those of you who have documents or important files in smartphone are missing. So that no one else can open it or misappropriated the document.

And the last option is the "delete" menu. This could be the last solution to keep all your personal files and data are safe from the hands of the nosy. If you enable this feature, then automatically sytem will delete all existing data on the smartphone. Includes photos, videos, applications, and other data. And this could be the last solution if your smartphone has no hope to be found.

How? Quite simple isn't it? How to track a lost Android easily without this application has been tested using device Xiami Redmi 2, and chances are it could be applied to all Android devices. If you're curious, why not find out by trying it yourself? Bermanfa'at best wishes and good luck.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 1:29 am

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