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How to wear hot air blower/solder uap

Explanation of how to wear hot air blower/solder uap in robe phone

Understanding blower;

Blowers are among the variants of solder. hot air blower in question is due to the system of life wearing Eve. on the standard blowers are used in teaching, there are 2 settings. the first setting is the ability of heat (heating) which can be issued passes through the eyes of solder, as well as another is pressure setting (the ability of blowing) Eve that can be emitted. the linear regulator is working with each other. the higher the temperature emitted, Eve can be strong so add it again when the pressure is turned up Eve that can be issued.

Blower function;

Solder for utilitarian and steam; lifting, placing, print as well as mensolder back component/ic; both smd ic (centipedes), bga (ball-a ball of lead) or small components to another. System mensolder back or legs cooled ic that is to do a repair of the legs of the ic is perhaps less attached to the pcb and not just to do the repairs the damaged ic. temperature and air pressure of the steam must be solder so attention so as not to damage the pcb within the thoroughness required steam solder consumption, confident patience and accuracy. step holds the steam must be strong as well as solder perpendicular components ic solder as the goal.

Why should wear hot air blower/solder uap;

  • Because Tin on the legs of bga ic or other component undergoes corrosion so that current transfers to ic is unstable and cause error on mobile
  • Because the legs of ic do not stick perfectly on the pcb and require the creation of new legs
  • Because it can not done/to reach by hand soldering (hehehe)
  • etc.

The steps how to wear hot air blower/solder uap;

the usage is pretty simple, blower. in soldering components, System application step holds the blower is exactly the same as well with holding regular solder. redundant main blower is to melt the Tin with Eve being issued, not only with iron rods used in solder. as for this blower usage measures namely:

  • First plug the electric cable into the blower, and press the powernya so that the position of the blower's life.
  • After the blower's life we can adjust the settings on your blower.
  • In general there are two settings, namely a heat setting and setting the air pressure coming out of the blower.
  • Turn the heat setting on the temperature of the pas, like 200 degrees c. temperature of 200 degrees can be generated, but no longer felt at the tip of the solder when the pressure there is issued Eve # 0.
  • To set the digital temperature blower simply by pressing the buttons up and down. the air pressure is set by way of playing.
  • Adjust the air pressure as we want, by default in position 1, 2, 3 or another.
  • The air of 200 degrees c can be exhaled as well as sensible heat is released. in situations like above, the blower can be used for the benefit of that in want.
  • The wearing of a blower is very dependent on the type of device that can be soldered, since it can be very hot and the settings associated with the pressure of air from a blower.

Some rules of the heat and pressure of the air blower;

  • Remove fluid (dry out) 100-200 degrees, pressure Eve 8 (toned)
  • Heat/melt the Tin from the position of the top 350-400 degrees, pressure Eve 3 (yg very slow)
  • Heat/melt the Tin from the bottom position 350-400 degrees, pressure Eve 3 (yg very slow)
  • Lift and place the components of 350-400 degrees, pressure Eve 3 (yg very slow)
  • Lift the flexible pcb from 250-300 degrees, pressure Eve 3 (yg very slow)
  • Lift the plastic components of 250-275 degrees, pressure Eve 3 (yg very slow)
  • Print away ic 350-400 degrees, pressure Eve 3 (yg very slow)

How to wear hot air blower/solder uap on SMD ic;

  1. Smd IC ic IE wrote his leg didn't go in the hole of the pcb, but the attached fitting above board pcb. As explained before, we can use a blower to go walk the ic can not open with solder. IC-ic is widely present on the computer, mobile device, as well as other technological devices.
  2. Settings blower in accordance with the purposes of components that can be in the open.
  3. Prepare something to hold the tweezers/interesting components that we will lift the/discard/replace.
  4. Oleskanlah anti heat liquid (viscous flux wrote) on the circuit or component to be on the blower, above the surface of the ic to be open.
  5. Take advantage of the blower to melt the tin-lead attached to the foot of the ic and circuit board PCB, go eye blower to the legs.
  6. Spray the air blower to lead totally melted, do not impose interesting parts with tweezers too strong when atimah haven't actually melted, because it can cause a broken line of Tin on circuit board.
  7. After the lead really melt, shake the ic agencies with tweezers (as a sign of lead already liquid), then lift with tweezers/vacum pen.
  8. The process of appointment of the ic is done.

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So the post article this time about how to wear hot air blower/solder uap, may add insight to you and can be applied at the moment nyervis later Yes.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 12:00 pm

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