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Issues Concerning Clans Clash Of Town Hall 11

Who is not familiar with the clash of gaming clans. This strategy has the maximum level of the town hall until 10, but some websites provide issues that town hall 11 ascertained there after the latest update in a short time. Clash of gaming clans have already stepped on the age of three years from the launch initially on the iPhone in 2013. The game is exploding very rapidly until finally made in the android platform that makes this game more and explode and famous.

 Article about the clash of clans

One of the things that makes this game a boom on the android platform is the Clash of Clans full version can be downloaded for free at playstore. This is very interesting because there is not much of a premium game can be downloaded for free. If any of these then the game is just the trial or trials. Supercell is the developer of this strategy game. Supecell is constantly working to make the latest updates as well as making themes according with the event, such as halloween, Christmas events, and others. This is intended so that players don't get tired of playing this game.

One issue is a pretty significant update is the clash of clans Town Hall 11. In fact, it was a lot of players around the world who have reached the Town Hall 10 and makes the Castle defences are very strong. Not only the strong fortress of pertahananya only, but penyerangannya forces was very strong. This triggered some people to stop playing because he had entered a maximum level of this game. Each game always wins and it is difficult to break down. Nothing more can be accomplished in this game.

This gap is seen by the developers of the supercell. So he made an issue of timbulah clash of clans Town Hall 11 to trigger the player continues to play the game and collect as much resource – the number in preparation for building a Town Hall 11.  Mengumkan Supercell with a clash of town hall 11 clans later there will be one new forts named Falcon.

The Falcon is a super fortifications that can attack both air nor the land at once. Falcon has a design like the Eagle with a size of 4 x 4. Supercell also gives a glimpse of the third hero also comes after the player mengupgrae Town Hall to Town Hall 11.  But from various leakage expressed by supercell supercell, the party didn't give the idea when the update is present on the COC. However, the bad news Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 will be dibandrol with the very most so it is likely most players have trouble upgrading their Town Hall. Are you ready? Collect as much resource – the number and wait for the update clans clash of town hall 11 of clash of clans.

Updated: April 19, 2016 — 9:40 am

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