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USB Nokia 2708 Jumper picture 108 RM-944 | 945

Images usb jumper Nokia 108rm 944-2708 | 945-Silahakan stored for your Nokia 2708 collection, because this is necessary for the process of flashing at Nokia including Nokia type 108. Usually we use the cable fbus/Mbus as interfacenya through the cable box or universal flasher, but to this type we can use the usb cable only.

Take the usb cable what are the origin of the masihbagus at the base of the charger connector to plug it into the usb on the computer, and then ends please cut and the end of the cable that amounted to four eight-each gnd, D +, D-, and + 5v, and solderkan directly to the pcb Board in accordance with the images contained on this page.

Picture how to jumper 2708 for usb on a Nokia rm-rm 944 and 945-more information can be found on the blog of a cell phone is broken.
2708 Nokia 108 rm-rm 944-945

Thus the picture of Nokia 2708 108 please stored and the collection of the your Nokia 2708, hopefully can help the process of flashing Nokia rm 108-944 | RM-945 and thank you've come to the blog a cell phone is broken.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 2:30 pm

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