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Get To Know Two Tier Forces Clash Of Clans Supercell

Do you already know all the tier two forces clash of supercell clans? In the Clash Of gaming Clans raiding enemy called perhatanan fortress by troops. Troops themselves are divided into several parts. There are Troops Troops, Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3, Troops, Troops, and Troops Exilir Dark Heroes.

Each group has the ability and character of each. For example, Tier 1 Tier 1 is the weakest but the troops can be trained at a cost of cheap and powerful enough in dikerakan more in scale. What about Tier 2?

Troops Tier 2 is the troops that has greater strength compared to Tier 1, but can be trained at a cost that is not too expensive. Troops at two Tiers include Giant, Wall Breaker, Ballon, and Wizard. Each character on the Tier two Troops clash of this supercell clans have different capabilities and functions – different.


Giant is one of the forces that have great bodies and are capable of shattering – porandakan. Troops is very powerful and usually are on the front line to protect the troops of other weaker defense but has a lethal attack.  Troops of this type will be targeting the enemy's defenses, so that when dikerakan in a large scale, they can paralyze a city's defenses.

Wall Breaker

True to its name, Wall Breaker is very effective to destroy the wall. Wall Breaker features a skeleton body wearing brown Aviator CAP and has small wounds former disebalah right. It has the characteristic of troops carry large bomb that would make his body was destroyed along with the bomb. Attack Breaker Wall directly into the nearest wall


Ballon has karakteristk similar to Wall Breaker but if Wall Breaker attack from land, Against an attack from the air. It will drop bombs from the air to destroy the opponent's defense. These troops did have a slow movement but his attack is quite an impact for your opponent. The main target of these troops was defence of the opponent.


The wizard is one of the troops who have the look neat. Wearing a blue robe, leather belt with gold buckle and shoe boots are brown. The wizard can attack from a distance similar to the Archer. Because of their range, he can attack buildings – buildings although hindered by the wall. He attacks with fireballs from his hands. The impact of the offensive Wizard is quite large but the troops of this type have a life point or small blood so easily defeated.

That's A Two-Tier Forces Clash Of Supercell Clans. Every army has its advantages and disadvantages each. You just simply set the strategy for memengkan a fight. You can combine the Giant as a line front and rear line Wizard to mengerakan attack quite an impact on the city. Smart-smart set strategy and wins the battle.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 5:21 am

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