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The latest leak, one of the mechanics and tactics of War Clash Of Clans Forum

Good news for you fans of gaming Clans Clash Of strategies. On the latest forum Supercell explained there will be mechanism and a new war tactic to make you play Clas Of Clans.

Clash of gaming Clans is one of MMORTS released to the App Store three years ago, namely in 2012. Although this game including freeware applications or for free, but this game has a just as well as the IAP system mechanism that is always updated. IAP system makes a fair gaming Clans Clash Of great demand and is played by many people.

New – this new developer team provides glimpse back to the players clash of clans forums. There are five new mechanism introduced by the developers of the game Clash Of Clans that release date still has not been announced. Some of these include development

Shield I – the offense and defense

The change from Shield allows the defence of a city becoming more fair, game time is becoming more flexible, so that players become more motivated to perform attacks against other cities.  The update will bring two major changes that is

  • The damage to the Town Hall is no longer producing Shield, therefore you are advised to keep the Town Hall with as good as – the good news
  • Assaults when you protected shield, no longer destroys the shield you, but it will reduce the time your shield

Then what is the meaning of two such major change? The two major changes that will have an impact on a mechanism to get a shield.  The mechanism more or less as follows

  • 12 hour time shield will be given if the damage to the city reached 30%
  • 14 hours of time shield will be given when the city achieved 60% damage
  • 16 hours of time shield will be given when the damage to the city reached 90%
  • However, if the attacker does not release the number of 1/3 of his army, then you will not get the shield

While in the city you are still protected by the shield however you want to launch the attack then applies the following conditions

  • Although a city still is protected by a shield, you can still enter the multiplayer match making, looking for targets, or try to retaliate the attack the opponent.
  • In a city still protected shield, but you launch or enter the multiplayer matchmaking, then time shield will be reduced three hours
  • The attack that you do when you still protected by the shield will make your shield time is reduced by the number of hours samakin increased (4, 5, and so on)
  • It is one of the latest dijelakan updates on the clash of clans forums. There was a previous update which we will explain in subsequent postings.
Updated: April 10, 2016 — 5:12 am

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