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How to mengatai a dead light bulb in Nokia mobile phone damaged 110-this time about the damage the lamp does not light up on a phone of this type, first check first is corrosion and used water (water damage) on the engine pcb. If the engine is clean also check lcd connection part with part pcbnya because this part can also cause death lights on my Nokia 110.

Then check the lights on the pcb by injecting the voltage of the power supply directly to the lights of the keypad to check flame or not, it could be with a multitester. Lastly please apply trick jumper Nokia 110 lamp as shown in the figure.

How to troubleshoot a dead lampiu Nokia 110 damage with an explanation.
Nokia lights 110 jumpers

So how to overcome damage to the lamp on a Nokia phone 110 may be useful and successful.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 4:40 am

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