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Line and Mic Jumper Tricks Nokia E63

Line and Mic Jumper Tricks Nokia E63-When entering servisan brand Nokia E63 type damage around his microphone with the following characteristics;

  • Voice not being heard opposing moment nelpon talk,
  • When using tape or record video no sound is heard,
  • The voice sounded small.

It needs to be done, including improvements;

1. Check the path micnya, when there is a break up then do process a jumper. Here I attach pictures line mic Nokia E63 full

Image line mic nokia e63 full, accompanied with

Line Mic Nokia E63

2. If the path is already good, then do the replacement with the new mic. Can dijumper one on one with each of the pins on the mic to the pcb, or by way of wearing the blower depends on your skills.

a. Installation with cable jumper;

  • use the jumper cables that are not easy to disconnect
  • use the cable that has isolation
  • After the completion of the fourth foot jumper mic give the plaster covering the pcb from the mic.

b. Installation with blower;

  • give amtech (oil solder under the mic)
  • then give the Tin in the past on the mic pin pin before it mounted to the pcb,
  • flatten the surface of the pcb's place to be fitted to the mic,
  • blower from the side of the pcb, mic
  • If want forced from above the mic then let the cover above the new mic first. If I use the mic long to cover the new mic at the time forced open.

3. To replace the digital mic with the mic using the usual Chinese (2 feet) Please read how here.

Thus the process of replacement mic E63 which I give the title Line and Mic Jumper Nokia E63 Tricks may be able to help readers who have stopped by on this blog. Thank you.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 2:15 am

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