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Line Connector Battery Nokia E66

Connector Vbat, Gnd, Bsi Nokia E66-one of the places we should check if there are damages on cell phones such as the totally off, hank, and so on is a path from the mobile phone battery connector. Because it is not seldom turns out there's a dotted line at the battery connector so that the supply current from batteries is not perfect to hp so that was causing the error.

At this time the article mobile phone Damaged share pictures line the battery from Nokia E66, please do the measurements using a multitester to check there is a dotted line or not and do jumpers if it turns out there is a section break.

Image for line vbat, gnd, bsi on nokia e66
Line Connector Battery Nokia E66

Thus the line battery Nokia E66 in the picture in this article may be useful.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 10:25 am

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