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Line LCD Nokia 1202

Nokia 1202 light lcd track way – First entered this type there is Nokia servisan uniqueness tersindiri i.e. If connection solderan is not fitted then the hp will not live, especially if the wrong solder then will appear the words ' contact service ' that was my understanding reasonable in frequency is broken at the software.

First lcd spare parts also for this type of place to solder hp lcdnya lcd is the same as default so that kinda feels difficult to menyoldernya when not given a little trick, but now it is facilitated because the lcd is sold over the counter for this type of a type of flexible solder can lcdnya from the top.

To ease the process of measurement distance lcd is missing then please save the image path lights and the lcd Nokia 1202, as reasonable in frequency of damage due to corrosion in this section so that hp could not flame.

How to jumper the lcd connector by using image stripe scheme.
Line LCD Nokia 1202

For line lcdnya lights can be seen a red and blue lines at the foot of number 10 and 11, we wish similar damages case can be resolved.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 5:55 am

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