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Line Mic Nokia 1202 1203

Picture how to jumper microphone Nokia 1202-solution to overcome the damage of the mic in Nokia 1202 and 1203 by measuring the mic than the lines are still good or been lost. If there is already a line break up then do process a jumper.

For this type of damage there is reasonable in frequency on two white resistor near the mic connector, usually the resistor that is broken or solderannya. If the resistornya is damaged then lose and replace with solder or lead wires only.

ISA also damaged due to carbon black on the mic connector on the pcb already dirty solution please use razor blade or cutter scraped so that carbons exhausted and embossed copper surface.

How to repair the damage on my Nokia 1202 our voice is not heard by the caller.
Line Mic Nokia 1202 1203

Thus the images of damaged Phones share the form the application of Nokia 1202 mic line jumpers may damage similar to the case at hand could be resolved and readers Please save.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 2:29 pm

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