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Line Microphone Nokia C3

Mic jumper picture of Nokia C3-a solution to repair the damage the mic in Nokia this type that causes our voice as the caller was not heard by the caller or the sound of a small or weak there but heard by the caller.

This image shows the positive and negative lines from the mic, in solderan mic sodah dislodged or lifted then solder the wires the mic from the base of the nearest resistors on the mic like the one in the picture.

And always use spare parts that are good, and if you want to use the mic or mic nokia's former china first make sure the mic is still nice and clean.

How to repair damage to the voice not heard by the caller when nelpon
Line Mic Nokia C3

Thus the solution how to repair damage to the mic that cause our voice is not heard by the caller may succeed.

Updated: April 15, 2016 — 11:04 am

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