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Mito 303 totally off, short, nyedot battery, and heat

Mito 303 totally off, short, nyedot battery, and hot-cell phone brands include bestselling also dijamnnya Moreover, accompanied by a good promotion so people in my town if you want to buy hp Mito brand ingatnya china only. The one that made the brand famous Mito aside from promotion because of its features are already complete, such as the back, the front camera can already be installed external memory up to 2 GB, the payload is equipped with bluetooth and can access the internet.

Let alone teenage kids who are still sitting on the bench a lot of schools use Chinese brand hp Mito this is because some of the advantages already mentioned above. Well, the technicians also felt the impact of the number of Chinese mobile phone users, so that at that time many who study china phone repair process.

Many technicians began to buy special flasher box china, then china's spare parts stocked at the store also began, schematic and various tutorials repair hp china many dibrowsing diinternet and the result is stored in a computer in a later met with similar cases that then can be seen again on the data stored.

When hp is already dead in total, checked with other batteries full flame and do not want to find out more then installed power supply with battery voltage 3.7 v, namely standards and it turns out that hp is in conditions of short/konslet which can be known with needle ampere current is rising even though hp in the condition die.

Well from a variety of solutions to ever read first then short cases and this heat turns out to be very easy to be repaired is not the same as the estimates assume that the damage to konslet like this will be hard to repair.

It turns out the solution is to find a culprit from the onset or hp, a special short china most konslet resulting from capacitor that broken-down or from ic PA which is damaged. For capacitor if it has no change then we can instantly lose a damaged capacitor that, whereas in shortnya there are ic PA then we should replace it with a new one or from the hp machine china other ic PA with the same code with code ic PA which we're working on.

Indeed even without ic PA hp china is still going on, but of course the network function can not be used so that it can not create nelpon, sms, and dat ainternet.

Note: Mito 303

Asked by: totally off, short, nyedot battery, and heat

The settlement address the china hp short and totally off:

  • Remove the pcb from kesing n reinforcement
  • Set power supply 2.3 v to the pcb and install hp
  • Raba pcb and search components that heat.
  • If the heat capasitor then lose
  • If the heat is ic, then replace
  • It turns out that hot capacitor nyala and hp, normal
  • Completed
  • Regarding the case of hp totally off because the short can be seen on this page.

So the way to overcome a dead hp total which in this case is the Mito 303 may be useful.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 10:18 am

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