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Mito 9800 Touchscreen Problem (Solved)

Mito 9800

Factory Mode is useful to test the function of the Mito is, such as touchscreen, ringing, keypad, etc.

Incidentally ane dapet servisan dg damage the Touchscreen.

Here's how to get into Factory Mode Mito 9800;

1. In case of dead volume, press the (-) key on, to appear the words:

Full Test

Test Item

Test Report



2. Volume key (+) to to the top, the volume (-) for down.

3. To select an option, press the space bar

4. Press the P if you want to return to the previous option.

In the case of the touchscreen, this way;

1. After signing in Facatory mode, select Test Items

2. Will appear many options;


Touch Panel

& LCD Contrast

Detect SIM

and others

We select the Touch Panel and press the SPACEBAR to select it.

3. Select Calibration and press space, then the calibration will appear and follow the prompts to complete. aja

4. Then press button P to get to menu Factory Mode first reply earlier. and select Reboot


Updated: April 18, 2016 — 7:37 am

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