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Mito Own Ngecas 138

Enter servisan hp Mito brand type 138 with complaints;

  • install the battery straight out of the indication on the display although mengecas haven't turned on and not plugged casan,
  • so, too-fitting is turned on the battery indication mengecas appeared on screen hp mito if casan is not installed,
  • Despite the cas themselves but of course content did not increase battery (if the battery charge was increased without another story, dicas can enter the television hanging later, hehe)
Damage 138 hp mito in cas, so that part is showing inddikator cas but not plugged charger

Mito 130 Charge Problem

Some of the points the result of observation of this hp after the dismantled pcbnya;

  • There are traces of corrosion of water around the connector usb (usb connector hp special china also become cas connector)
  • the PCB has not serviced by other technicians.

Stages of manufacture the ' Phones ' do, is;

  1. Clean the usb connector/cas with liquid pcb cleaners, I used to use tinner grade plus toothbrush.
    • Not successful
  2. Replace ic cas hp China 8, along with his R350 resistor another machine.
    • Not successful
  3. Checked again turned out feet in the hole of the usb is damaged and mutual touch each other, then immediately revoked using blower aka solder steam.
  4. It turns out that the damage on the usb connector is damaged.

Thus the article discussions Mito 138 which ngecas itself and damage and this settlement could try also for hp china more.

Good luck.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 2:36 pm

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