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Mito touchscreen 833 problem

This type of Mito including the best selling in the market today was first launched to the market, so many people using cell phones because of various features of 833 Mito which at that time were already quite like dual camera, bluetooth, voice ringing the buzzer is loud, and the other course that is using the touch screen touchscreen alias which is a novelty in the market.

It also turns out that caused the most damage on a phone is to take on the Mito touchscreennya, er even touch screen became mostly broke out because the kekurang heart-hatian users in using this kind of phone so that the display er even touch to break easily.

But I need to know also if the screen er even touch unworkable but seen no signs of damage such as broken or cracked on the physical screen er even touch then it most likely is damage to software, well for the repair of special software touchscreen calibration we can do this first on its screen without flashing process directly.

To bring up the calibration screen on this then we 833 Mito can't do it by going to the settings menu although there has provided calibration menu, because the touchscreen itself is already broken so can not access to the settings menu. To enter the calibration menu it can be read below.

Note: Mito 833, hp flame is normal but no touchscreen response

Asked: touchscreen Repair


  • In this position, press the live call hp until the calibration screen appears, continue to follow its calibration.
  • If still no response, the format with box (if we use FlashTool). If there is no box, can be via usb with the trick here
  • If still, replace the touchscreen with a new one, and then do initial steps.
  • Completed

That's the last way of fixing damage to the touchscreen touch screen Mito 833 may be useful for those who need it.

Updated: April 14, 2016 — 7:36 pm

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