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New look Google Hangouts 4.0 2015

Now we're giving some reviews about the chat application from Google is now also being in the world of android applications. This application called Google Hangouts, such applications are already long enough there now and in 2015, the application is issued and released several new look that you can enjoy on your Android phone.

Google History Hangouts

Little we reminisce about the history of this application. First Google applications Hangouts called Google Talk, this application you can use to send messages from Google with the fastest performance, and now munculah Google applications Hangouts with new display performance in 2015.

The new version of Google Apps this is Google Hangouts Hangouts 4.0. This application is enough to be enjoyed by lovers or Google chat. Some versions of already released and today's article we will discuss the Google Apps version 4.0 with its newest Hangouts in 2015. Some new features are also available on the Google Apps Hangouts 4.0, below are some of the features you can enjoy in Google apliaksi Hangouts 4.0.

Has come out officially from google Hangouts 4.0 can be taken from google's play.

New features Google Hangouts 4.0 2015

  • Google applications have performance 4.0 Hangouts quicker and certainly doesn't suck up battery power quickly because these applications are equipped with the latest Google API.
  • Change the interface of the application.
  • More support for Android Wear.
  • The display is now more practical and elegant, so it's not confusing and not very complicated.
  • A beautiful new user interface
  • New contact list and people looking to find people you care about
  • Buttons wrote Recently to make a 1:1 and group conversations in just a few TAPS
  • Show status messages so that your contacts always know what youre up to
  • Application of new Hangouts for Android devices Wear
  • Receive and reply to an MMS Group for Google Voice

The above are some of the features of Google applications Hangouts 4.0 that you can enjoy. For those of you who do not yet have, we recommend that you do not outdated from Google, please locate and download the latest Google application Hangouts 4.0 2015. Google applications on the latest 4.0 Hangouts 2015 now available on Google Play Store, so you can download it at the Google Store Play for free and not paid.

Google Hangouts 4.0

So our article about the latest Google application Hangouts 4.0 2015 we can pass on, hopefully helping you damn useful for all of you lovers of android or android user.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 1:46 am

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