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The sim card is not writable-sms and phone call-Phone blog readers how Damaged this time, let the article discusses an error that occurred on the sim card of mobile operators. Events at ACE Telkomsel private property, and the chronology is already underway for three days where my card not to get any calls and sms also.

to cope with the damage the sim card operator can be seen on this page.
Sim card error

The following error information on the sim card:

  1. can not receive incoming calls even though we've moved his cards to other hp.
  2. can not receive sms from another mobile number range.
  3. so has also been tested with various other cards nelpon cannot enter.
  4. bar signal in full hp
  5. make calls and sms out can.
  6. active period is still long.
  7. already calling customer services ordered telkomsel wait 24 hours because not found error in the database.

Thank God there are friends who have experienced the same thing on the sim card, and he also server operator electrical pulses so the problem card operators a lot of his experience (thanks Senses Praja), and these solutions fix the sim card cannot receive sms and incoming calls:

  1. Due to the different type of hp to hp you use,
  2. Search in settings, then network settings,
  3. then select network manually,
  4. then hp will do the searching, operators manual
  5. Select the operator that corresponds with your sim card, select the network for example ACE telkomsel so also xl, indosat, etc. choose Customize with your sim card operator,
  6. then your card will be teregisteri to the operator accordingly.
  7. try a test do sms or calls from other cards to your sim card error,
  8. It is usually done.

The possibility of similar error happens because I often worked at hp, not because a lot of hp but want to test hp are depleted or not normal already serviced because the work offline as technicians hehehe.

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Thus the solution fix karu sim cannot receive incoming sms and incoming calls from hp and other cards, may be useful and thank you for sharing this article to your friends with social media share button below.

Updated: April 16, 2016 — 6:03 am

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