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Nokia 1661-2 blank white screen

Broken cell phone-Last day friends nelpon and tell if hp had his son falls that cause the screen on a hp with a brand of Nokia 1661 became type does not appear, only the whites only. And my friend tanya could have the mobile telephone is done today, finally I have come straight to the counter, that can be checked.

Nokia 1661 white screen

After she came last, I check with the mobile telephone records as follows;

  1. HP can still flame,
  2. does not display picture just a white screen only
  3. PAS is turned on no sound log on nokia
  4. a phone call can not enter,
  5. the display light is not dead-dead
  6. the fifth of the above data it can be concluded that the mobile telephone is broken in hardware

Of course, if the experience of case white screen for nokia this type the return to ic flash and not at the lcd and the device because the lights flash continuously and can not be calling.

So the work that I do and successful, is;

  • Do rehot (blower) part ic flash, don't forget to give the oil a soldering/amtech, and temperature of the blower never too hot given the flash ic is small and thin.

Thus article Nokia 1661 blank white screen white screen alias along with the explanations concise and dense:D, hopefully can help the reader.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 11:30 pm

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