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The date of this entry servisan from customers who bring type hp Nokia 3230 with complaints if the mobile telephone is turned on only as Nokia logo only then does not happen anything after that. Then when it's hank like it to turn it off anymore by pressing down the on off as usual like other normal so that hp should be forced by unplugging the battery first new mobile telephone could die.

As usual for this type of Nokia like this for a generation of WD2 then we can use format 3 finger manually without the help of a pc or computer at all and this is already an open secret among technicians, which way will the format given below.


  • Nokia 3230
  • Not short, check with your power supply.
  • Not due to water damage


  • HP limited flame logo NOKIA?


  • Format 3 fingers first, before you go any further. Here's how: press * + 3 + call constantly switched on, do not release so the tex formatting appears on the screen.
  • After formatted manual, hp flame back to normal
  • Completed.

Thus the stage doing the format 3 fingers on hp Nokia especially that we discussed on this page i.e. Nokia 3230 which this case much happening on mobile Nokia WD2 generation so without using a box flasher then we can fix the damage was.

Updated: April 14, 2016 — 7:27 pm

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