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Nokia 5220 keypad hank

For Nokia 5220 type is different from other Nokia in terms of sleek shapes as well as from the use of the system ui (user interface) one that is keypadnya using a flexible one line with the volume button next to it, so if there is a short on one of the buttons will cause the Nokia it's become hank aka button is not functioning.

That the cause we drop the verdict that the damage occurred at fleksibelnya because it is so often the case, especially this damage because it is short on button volume so that the influence of the konsletnya it to the extent of causing cell phone can not be actuated.

Usually if the spare parts are not available then do the repair process only by measuring to find which part is causing the short course and dumped its components, but when it's possible his flexible then directly reimbursed only to save time and thus will last longer after being replaced.

Note: Nokia 5220 express music

Asked: hank, if Keypad is pressed the button out the sound but not the road

Music button function


  • Replace with flexcable keypad new
  • If taking empty again, check out the one-button music nothing short.
  • Completed

Nokia 5220 time this entry with push button could not damage it turns out there's still one key that can be driven namely music and this became suspicions if the possibility of shortnya occurs in parts of this key, and once replaced the flexible end all button is running normally.

So the story of fixing damage to the keypad on the Nokia 5220 is mainly hp Nokia by replacing the fleksibelnya may be useful.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 10:48 am

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