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Nokia 5233 Start Up Failed Contact Retailer rm-625

Nokia 5233 restart and start up failed writing appears on Nokia servisan this type, with living conditions but do not want to go into the menu, when turned on will restart it about 2 times continue to appear the words "Start up failed contact retailer".

Such events, then the Damaged cell phone blog to maximize on the software in advance how to Flash Nokia Without Box by using the Nokia Firmware 5233 rm-625 v Indonesia language, and the process of flashing is running normally but after a try lit error still like yesteryear.

Try again-flash with the same firmware version but with Ufsx Hwk box using the last version, it again does not resolve the problem. And the thought of the possibility of damage there appeared in hardware because it is considered a process of software is already at the maximum.

After browsing and trying different tricks that circulated in cyberspace has finally found the right solution once with a case that I am dealing with, namely;

The solution with the BSI line battery connector jumper.

And, after a little jumper Nokia 5233 turned out to be a flame with the normal and of course write a note. Here's a picture: jumpernya

For a tutorial on how to solve it can read this page.
Nokia 5233 bsi line jumper rm-625

So the article that discusses the damage one of Nokia products with type 5233 rm-625 of the faulty start up failed contact the retailer by way of hardware via jumper bsi. Thanks for share this article with friends via the share button below.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 10:21 am

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