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Nokia 6600 keypad is not the way most

Nokia 6600 at the time was a very popular symbian phones especially in Indonesia, which, at the time of appearance of the Nokia brand and marketed in Indonesia turned out to be an awful lot of its users. This is because of the unique shape compared to the previous mobile phones, especially dislike once on the button keypadnya equipped with a joystick with fine form gripped.

And as with previous phones that did not escape the damage either software or hardware, so does this 6600 Nokia products with one of the most damage is dealt with in section keypadnya. There are no roads at all all buttons, there is that joystiknya cannot be used, there is a portion of the keypad just could not squeeze.

Nokia 6600 at keypadnya using the flexible terpisak pcbnya Board of the machine, so that in the event of damage to the keypadnya we can do this replacement process flexible keypad. Similarly, in the event of damage to the joystiknya can we do a replacement, because the joystick and keypadnya are in one flexible that when we want to replace one of the two then we should replace the one set.

If we can not do service only, such as joystiknya, we simply replace the joystick without having to replace the flexible keypadnya, and the keypad broke right we can do using jumper cables that process already insulated? Of course it can, and it's never been an admin do as well, but in addition to the machining process that long compared to directly replace a set of flexible, it's also a waste of time because it is not efficient.

If the first Yes we service only because the spare parts spare parts are lacking, but the moment was a lot better then conducted a set of replacement, as it will accelerate the process of repair and more durable.

Note: Nokia 6600 generation wd2

Asked: damage to part of the keypad


  • Replace flexcable keypad + joystick of the old with the new
  • ┬áCompleted

So how do the repair on my Nokia 6600 which is broken at the keypad though not whole keys are broken but we just replace the overall direct fleksibelnya. May be useful.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 10:50 am

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