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Nokia 7210c blank white

Nokia 7210c blank white-today 10 may 2012 entry servisan to the counter with the brand hp Nokia type 7210c with damages and complaints of blank white, once seen from the position of the white screen hp then there are two possible damage can occur, the damage at his hardware, namely the possibility of broken lcd lcd connector, troubled, driver lcd/emif broke, or there is a line on the lcd connector is broken.

While the possibility of a software system on operations experienced a failure so that only capable of burning any time whereas other features to bring up already can no longer because of the many programs that are already broken, and this is commonly called hank.

How to test to determine whether the damaged hardware or disoftware pretty simple, please do call voice dial whether or not, if there is no means likely in software, if there's a voice dial call means damaged hardware.

The test also when turn it on get out the vote if Nokia when turned on then it could be ascertained if there is damage around the lcd, but if there is no sound boot Nokia then chances are the damage on his software. In this case, after the tests as above it turns out damage in software, then its done flashing by using mxbox as a means to fill the flash files to hp Nokia.


  • Flashing reset via usb using the mxbox
  • For those who do not have a Nokia flasher box can use this way.

Finally after the hp back then be flashed. lights up normally, then the consumer is lucky because not perlua heading to the seller hp Nokia to find a replacement for the damaged good hpnya new output or a 14 but because the mobile telephone back to normal then don't buy her new hp so because the price is hefty at that time.

Updated: April 14, 2016 — 7:24 pm

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