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Nokia blink screen blink-2330c

Actual repairs like this doesn't need to be posted hehe, because this has become a commonplace thing if there's damage on parts of the screen phone aka lcd then the first thing we will do is to test using a new lcd and viewed apaka was indeed the cause is lcd or because of other factors.

Because of the time of this posting date again excited so that any servisan who entered and managed direct disempatkan to create the article, which is the main reason in found the same damages at a later date then you can open the web and search for in the search field in accordance with the damage. Due to considering all cases repair mobile phones that have ever been done is very difficult so need to be assisted with a note in the form of a book or the web all instantly let durable.

The first thing that is done when you get a cell phone with lcd screen damage problematic such as blank, white screen, the screen is dark or flashes then we directly try with another lcd pairs test, could be with other hp lcd or lcd.

If the lcd was replaced after it was normal, then the lcd mean it ever been damaged but if tried pairs with the new lcd blinking still happens-then the new blink we will trace what parts damage selnajutnya, does lcd connector, do the lines of lcd connector socket there is already corrosion so that it has no value anymore, or problematic in ic cpunya.

In the case of Nokia 2330c lcd screen flicker-flicker that went into this service desk turned out to indeed be the old lcd have already suffered damage so it doesn't need to be long winded again the work was already done, but still error forced akalu would work long.

Note: Nokia 2330c, flame of normal

Asked: the screen blink-blink?


  • Flash with a high version, still blink-blink
  • Replace with a new lcd, direct flame is normal
  • Completed

So how to fix lcd screen flicker-flicker in hp Nokia especially on Nokia 2330c this may be useful.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 10:49 am

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