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Nokia firmware RM-808 807 V 113.10.1507 BI Only

Nokia firmware rm-807 808 version 113.10.1507 Indonesia-language in these pages we load the flash file for Nokia 808 Indonesia-speaking to repair the damage of this type on the Nokia software, for it please save all the files in a new folder so that it is automatically detected by the box flasher.

Innformasi details of this file;

  • Name: Nokia phone 808
  • Product Type: RM-807
  • Firmware Version: 113.10.1507
  • Variant ID: 7,090,440,722
  • Variant Name: Ndt Seap Apac1 Red Id
  • Product Code: 059M9J5

Please take the file below;

File name: Rm807 059m9j5 113.010.1507 018. vpl

File size: 7.69 Kb

File name: Rm-807 M 016.11. fpsx emmc.

File size: 1.3 Gb

File name: Rm-807 Data Block

File size: 4.03 Kb

File name: Dbitrcdata Keyidentifers0 Seriesa 9. bin

File size: 54 Bytes

File name: 2763 Ive3 Otp URProduction.bin Template

File size: 40 Bytes

File name: 040-10781701. pcx

File size: 18 Kb

File name: Rm-807 Typelabel Coo Indonesia 001. xml

File size: 2.16 Kb

File name: 059m9j5 Size Rm807 Ccc URV2.0.bin

File size: 472 Bytes

File name: 059m9j5 Size Rm807 Hwc URV2.0.bin

File size: 212 Bytes

Simlock 3gstandard file name: URBb5.bin

File size: 964 Bytes

File name: Rm-807 URM016.11.emmc.cardverref.xml

File size: 386 Bytes

File name: Mc F URNocard.mcard.cardverref.xml

File size: 131 Bytes

File name: Rm-807 Default Verification URFile.spr

File size: 1.12 Kb

File name: Rm-113.010.1507 Prd 79u 807. fpsx core.

File size: 135.85 Mb

File name: Rm-113.010.1507 807 21: Apac 1 79u Prd. rofs2. fpsx

File size: 58.27 Mb

File name: Rm-113.010.1507 C 00 807 79u Prd. rofs3. fpsx

File size: 18 Kb

File name: Rm-807 01:01 UR79u.uda U 113.010.1507 fpsx.

File size: 236.05 Mb

File name: Rm807 059m9j5 113.010.1507 018. dcp

File size: 55.78 Kb

File name: 059m9j5 113.010.1507 Rm807 018 URSignature.bin

File size: 2.24 Kb

Tutorial on how to flash Nokia without box

Download here

So the flash file Nokia 808 Indonesia language may be useful.

Updated: April 19, 2016 — 5:49 am

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