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Nokia firmware RM-210 924 v 10 October BI Only

Nokia flash file 210-Indonesian Language in this article contains a firmware to fix the damage to parts of the software on Nokia this type, the file is;

  1. MCU, which is the main file as the operating system on the Nokia OS type 210
  2. Ppm, contains software that contains language on the hp is so that when it's been this file with be flashed. language will be changed.
  3. CNT file, which contains themes, ringtones, games, wallpapers, and more which is a default of the manufacturer Nokia.

Tutors use;

  1. Please use the box flasher for Nokia as ATF, UFSx HWK, or without the box just use usb just like article here.
  2. For Nokia 210 totally off because the software please flash with a third file, MCU, PPM and CNT later factory set full afterwards.
  3. For light damage but hp still flame, please flassh part CNT course and full factory afterwards.
  4. To change language to language Indonesia please flash MCU and PPM part then full factory, or it could be a flash of the three.
Please take the link to fileflash Nokia firmware rm-210 924 v 10 October
Firmware Nokia 210

For firmware can be loaded from the link below;


Product Code: 059T3K2

Software Version: 10 October

10 October rm924. mcusw (27.72 Mb)

rm924 UR06.09.ppm x (5.55 Mb)

10 October rm924. image x 059T3K2 (12.1 Mb)

CCC UR059T3K2.bin (916 Bytes)

hwc UR059T3K2.bin (216 Bytes)

So the firmware fileflash for Nokia rm-210 version 10 October 924 speak Indonesia please take and save, if this hp servisan please follow the tutorial has been given and good luck.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 6:10 am

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