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Nokia n96 replica made in China install sim restart

The first time you sign in to the counter when consumers carry hp was confused also because visually it's eyes look when the Nokia N96 is not like the original because it looks some differences when viewed.

Consumer users of the Nokia N96 mobile phone when it complained that he used it when installed using the sim card then mobile phone can not light up normally, so when is turned on by pressing the on off as usual at hp-hp more is indeed the first phones will light up but shortly will enter the menu of the homescreen suddenly hpnya will die by itself.

After ototmatis death his life will light up again without the touch button powernya and die again so the next. But this damage will not occur if your phone is turned on without a sim card installed, the phone will turn on normally but of course some features cannot be used such as sms, phone, etc. because it is not terpasangnya the sim card.

The first alleged direct thought to this kind of damage is likely damage in software, but seeing as he is a Chinese-made replica of the Nokia N96 is not the original then we can't use the flasher box for UFSx HWK, like Nokia, BEST dongle, ATF, as no support at all.

Because this replica uses the N96 cpu chip MTK brand then we can use the software using the flashtool cable rx tx which is soldered directly to the pcbnya, or it could be using the usb cable and press the button with the boot.

The first work we do is to do a FORMAT because with this formwat we don't need flash file in accordance with a cell phone to be repaired, whereas if you want to be flashed. then we need firmware Nokia N96 this replica.

It turned out to be completed without the need to flash, so after the format then hp could flare up again with normal and does not repeat the previous damage, i.e. as a restart.

Note: Nokia N96 China

Asked when the retrofitted: repair sim card instantly restart?


  • Format with FlashTool
  • Completed

That's the last story about the improvement on Nokia N96 replica with MTK chip is fixed by using the button format without doing the process of flashing, may be useful.

Updated: April 14, 2016 — 7:36 pm

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