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Nokia X 2-01 Pas Nelpon Die

Solution Nokia x 2-01 rm-709 of the dead/restart time nelpon-frequently Usually make this happen due to exhausted replace the speakers with other speakers that it turns away the new speaker replaced the iron touch the place to install the speakers.

Well, if the speakers touched the iron is indeed still can light up normally but at the moment we do outgoing call or a call comes in when a speaker attached to the flow going short which causes automatic hp become the dead.

The solution is, tackling iron with paper or otherwise so that the iron does not touch the feet of the speaker. If I were to simply bend the iron towards the foot away from the speaker.

The cause is due to lack of caution when replacing the speakers of the nokia x 2-01.
The cause of the Nokia x 2-01 nelpon die

If it turns out there is not the cause, try to do the repair software by means of flash as an article that has a damaged cell phone blog created on the page how to flash Nokia without box flasher.

So how to resolve Nokia x 2-01 who died while doing the calling aliases nelpon, hopefully readers who have experienced similar cases can be resolved. Thank you for the follow and continue to visit this blog.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 1:57 pm

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