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One Way To Update The Android OS

It turns out that how to update the android os is not as hard as people say. However it is not all android smartphone can in system update operations with the most recent operating system, for example the android operating system the most is the Lollipop. If your smartphone is the smartphone, maybe it's best not to expect more. Since most of the smartphone vender will probably not provide the latest update-an for system operations.

Indeed such an update how to update the android os is absolutely necessary. Why is it so? Because by doing updates to the operating system, then your android smartphone will be updated and will have the latest features from the operating system. Features an updated design as possible, launcher, the new additional features not seen in the previous operating system, and others. The aim is so that pemiliik the smartphone can be comfortable and be facilitated in their use day to day. Then how the hell the way android os update that?

There are actually several kinds of android os updates that way maybe you could practise on your smartphone, some of which are:

Check on google. How? I.e. you just simply by typing in a keyword or keywords in the search field "Latest Os (the type and brand of smartphone belongs to you)" without quotation marks and brackets. When the os is not the last Lollipop (as demonstrated above) you should not expect more or impose to update the operating system of your smartphone.

You can go into "settings" or "About > about" > "Version". If you are lucky, then any notice to be able to update. And that means your smartphone could be renovated ideology system operations.

Just visit the official website of the respective vendors. An example is the property of Asus. Look for the type of your smartphone, such as Zenfone 5. If you view the specification as well as the most recent OS noted. Then chances are you could update the smartphone.

But there is still a way of android os updates that you might be able to practice it.

Make sure you are using the internet connection is pretty fast and stable or not dashed. It is recommended not to use the internet berkuota. It would be better if you use wifi connections, fast.

Then, make sure that your internal memory enough or memadahi. Update-an memputuhkan operating system is usually approximately 1 GB. To keep-keep, then leave the empty space around 1 GB.

Next make sure the betari on your smartphone in conditions of full or prima. Because if the battery power runs out in the middle of your smartphone-Central updates, then it will be the result.

It is recommended to backup all the files that are in the internal memory into a pc or your Micro SD. Or you can also use a Google account to use Google's default backup facilities to Smartphones.

In preparation already, now is the time you enter the System Updates that are on the "Settings" > "About" > "System Updates". If you touch it, and there is a notification of the update of the operating system, then you can update your smartphone to its latest operating system. You just wait for him finish with relaxation.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 1:36 am

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