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Open Phone Lock Code Samsung GT-E1205T

How to hard reset Samsung gt-e1205t in servisan hp samsung hpnya with complaints if forgot code key, then immediately try to use reset universal codes for samsung sperti I ever publish in the article hard reset samsung champ i.e., * 2767 * 3855 # apparently could not let faulty mobile phone blog will give tutorial how to unlock code of samsung gt-e1205t below.

The explanation can be found in this blog.
Samsung gt-e1205t

Here's how:

  1. Turn on the hp without a sim card.
  2. Phone code when prompted, then the right side of the screen there is the inscription ' sos ', please select the ' sos ' then your phone will allow emergency calls.
  3. When do emergency calls enter soft reset code * 2767 * 2878 i.e #
  4. Wait for your phone to restart, and hp will live again without asking for phone code again.
  5. After normal, insert again the code hard reset by typing the code * 2767 * 3855 # then again the phone will restart.
  6. Congratulations hp you have recovered.


  • If after doing this it turns out that when we turn off or replace the sim card still asking for a code, means should be fixed by using box flasher as z3 or hwk jg can already.
  • Or else don't bother to replace your card, and keep the condition of hp remains lit.
  • And keep doing the above process if you are asked to code again.
  • How to read unlock codes hp more please read our article here.

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So the tutorial open phone lock code (not the sim lock) and do a soft reset and a hard reset may be successful at you who need it, and don't forget to follow the cell phone is broken.

Updated: April 8, 2016 — 5:11 pm

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