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Outsmart the mobile phone battery drop

When the battery hp we drop marked with;

  • the battery quickly runs out
  • dicas full fast
  • When the receive calls or send sms, hp direct to die and when revived his batteries turns out there are still contents.

Then, we need to do is replace the battery with a new one. But there are other issues, namely;

  • Rare, rare battery sale
  • Some are selling the type of battery that but the quality (kw) the ga hold a week. 🙂

For that reason this article was created. The solution was to replace the content in the battery with another battery or original quality ok, which is important in the same size.


  • Drop the batteries shall we replace
  • Another battery of the same shape and size the quality is ok
  • Solder, if not technicians use sewing thread only. its function is to attach the positive and negative pole of the battery to the connector components.
  • Tinner or kerosene, serves to release the battery cover paper glue. Because, if the forced release of paper battery cover like torn so that later the battery less beautiful views hehehe.

Here's how;

  • Remove the battery cover logo paper respectively, with smeared tinner or kerosene so that lemnya are tender so that the paper is not torn. And this battery cover logo paper we will wrap back after work.
  • After it opened, then there are two foot in the battery; In addition to the above the battery and the battery. Cut the battery pole legs, so too with batteries only.
  • Move the contents of the old batteries, and fill with a new battery. Then tip positive soldered with + components, and negative ends soldered with components such as a State before the cut.
  • If that's not a technician, can be glued together with sewing thread, twirled his yarn sehinggan legs with foot battery connector component.
  • Once completed, Install back the battery cover with logo paper using glue double tape.

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Good luck.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 2:33 pm

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