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Overcoming Samsung GT S6310 Restart Shakes Recurring

Samsung s6310 restart and shakes only-Just enter servisan brand is carried by the mother and daughter, she said if his Samsung if it is turned on the flame could not only as vibrate only. PAS checked by means of disconnect and then reinstalling battery, automatic flame turns briefly though not pushed on off, and when it had started to direct logo appears dead appears silent vibrate vibrate again kept silent again continuously.

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Samsung S6310 Vibrate Only

The characteristics of the damage after it checked:

  1. Direct mobile phone batteries fitting the flame though have not pressed the button on off
  2. When samsung logo appears first time direct phone dead
  3. then felt shakes again as want to flame up again, keep silent for a moment then vibrate again, so on
  4. the alleged konslet in the button on off its


  1. Uninstall kesing and reinforcement to take pcbnya
  2. measure two feet of the power button, the one clear to the ground but the other foot measured fitting it was jamming ground also
  3. Disconnect button on off using a blower.
  4. After a check directly on the button on off, still turned out short both legs
    The cause of the samsung s6310 restart and shakes it turns out there is a key on a spin-off game
    Button on off short
  5. While the distance on off the pcb Board normal alias is not short
  6. conclusion there is damage on the key on off
  7. seeing as there is no the same stock, so using the button on off nokia small four feet with pairs of inverted
    How to replace it with a button on off nokia can be found here.
    If no replace buttons with keypad Nokia
  8. rubber on a spin-off game also in modif at the reinforcement so not nyangkut di button on off this
    To view pictures on samsung pcb off s6310 visit this page.
    Tmpak from below
  9. install and test
  10. It turns out that normal

So the stages done admin in addressing the Samsung gt s6310 a young short at buttons on off causing her cell phone restart. May be useful and continue to follow in order to get other articles.

Updated: April 8, 2016 — 5:44 pm

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