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Again Nyari Line LCD Nokia 105 huh?? Enter Gan

Again Nyari Line LCD Nokia 105 huh?? Enter Gan-Fun … If you go into this article results from browsing means interested in the title above, Yes, alright well then indeed this article contains pictures of nokia lcd line jumper type, so for those who need it please this image saved or just bookmark the blog Mobile phone Broken by using the ALT key + D so if next time you want to repeat to this page more easily.

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For type Nokia 105 and other similar type with lcd that directly soldered to the pcb Board and do not use the socket could be removed as the old type of polyphonic perfection once greatly affect connection to lcd solderan Board pcb, if there is one foot of the lcd that is not perfectly fit tersolder to the pcb then can cause the hp boot failed so totally off. In other cases when the process of soldering is not good then it could lead out writing contact service, and can also make the lamp screen dead because the light path breaking up/not tersolder perfect.

The image uses the lcd line jumpers to be corrupted on my Nokia lcd solution 105 by measuring the legs solderan lcd Nokia 105 still functioning well or there is already a break up, so that when there is damage to the lcd such as; white screen, white screen, blank, the lights are off, and the other could make this picture as your guide to find the dotted lines to be repaired by means of jumper cable.

Please note the picture below lcd solderan legs straight to the resistor and capacitor on the pcb back close to the sim card slot, and the hands while holding the multitester (hehe).

How to repair damaged lcd screen on a Nokia mobile phone damaged in 105.
Nokia LCD line 105

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Thus the solution how to repair the damage by making 105 Nokia lcd picture lcd line jumpers as the measurement reference this image also includes Nokia lcd lights lines 105, good luck.

Updated: April 18, 2016 — 3:04 pm

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