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One of the damage on Nokia n Gage qd which is actually not badly but I think it is quite complicated and time consuming, damage is to take some keys can not squeeze the other Nokia type if this kind of thing there are around or keytone emif keypadnya a troubled but not on this type of Nokia, since this damage happened due to lack of breathing connection boards-pcb Board with keypadnya boards.

Because as we know if Nokia has several types of pcb machines stacked with reinforcement and kesingnya, well the problem occurs when the shift may be either falling or ever want to be serviced may be due to damage to the other on the mobile telephone machine which at the time wanted to merakitnya return the keypad connector position turns on the machine bawh ill-fitting touched with the keypad pcb Board above.

Now the process to install the connectors and pcb keypad it really takes quite a long time, not to mention after the position is correct would fit the bolt in place turns installed reinforcement kesingnya of pcb Board dol already so this hp machine cannot closely and become porous. And when the bautnya rift then again keypadnya may not work anymore, yet lai reinforcement hp at that time not many that sell so the need to rotate the brain to make kesingnya into the meeting.

And finally to make kesing and tulangannya become truly meeting is to use the larger size bolts again, typically using bolts from the former charger has not been installed yet, because its shape is similar to the default Nokia QD bolt but with a larger size so that when mounted on the reinforcement of already strong dol became merekat.

Note: Nokia N-Gage QD

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  • Clean the keypad connector
  • Re solder pin-pin connector keypad using the lead paste and not too thick
  • Install the bolt tight, if reinforcement were already good with careful with dol's new
  • Completed

So how to outsmart kesing and less reinforcement bolt that has already caused merekat dol in tulangannya, so that can cause another error in this case appear error in section keypadnya.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 10:49 am

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