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Here's How To Enable Assistive Touch On The Iphone

In the following article we will explore one of the features already provided by apple i.e. assistive features touch or also known as a virtual home botton. These features are accidentally created by apple because as we know together that in the gadget made by apple such as iphone and ipad there is only one button only, namely the home button. Many iphone users who are worried if too often push then this button will be quickly damaged. Therefore a single virtual home botton so users no longer need to press the only button found on the iphone. Then, how do I enable assistive touch on the iphone?

Assistive functions Touch on the Iphone

Before stepping on the tutorial how to enable assistive touch on the iphone should know first what the function of this feature. It turns out that, in addition to functioning as a replacement home button, this feature has other functions that are not less interesting. As it can function as a screenshot, button lock screen, multitasking, voice control, to adjust volume, gestures, shake and many more

How To Enable Assistive Touch On The Iphone

Well, to enable this feature it's easy, here's how to enable Assistive Touch on the iphone that we have rows with very simple:

  1. Go into the settings menu > General > Accessisibility
  2. Scrooll down, select AssistiveTouch
  3. After that turn, sliding to touch assistive position ON
  4. Look at the screen of your iphone, there appeared a small box with the circle in the Center. That's called assistive touch or virtual home botton that can replace the home button on the iphone.

Description of the Assistive Touch there is on this page.

Pretty easy isn't it? that's how enable assistive touch on your iphone that you can use as an alternative button in order for the home button on your iphone so it's more durable. If you no longer wish to use this feature, it is also easy to disable it. Do the steps as mentioned above, and then slide the AssistiveTouch from the position ON to the position OFF.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 11:07 am

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